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Konfekcja, dystrybucja, transport

We always take care of an efficient coordination of the whole process of shipping your orders. We help you to minimize costs through the use of the most effecient freigt-solutions, and we choose the best mode of transport for any particular order.  We operate on the basis of an extensive network of reliable local, and international partners.

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Barrett Advertising Agency is a major supplier of high-quality offset printing, web-offset, large format printing and merchandise for the Polish and international market. We are a dedicated team of professionals. Inspiring and innovative - combining great knowledge with flexibility and efficiency. In terms of printing, marketing and technology-consulting, we offer our clients creative solutions to effectively compete in the market, and we go beyond the traditional framework.

We work quick, professionally and with highly competitive prices.


Having an extensive capacity, we can offer you full professional service - from creative ideas and artwork, to production, confection, logistics and delivery - right on time. With our extensive knowledge of the european markets, we also offer strategic solutions and marketing-advice.

Supervising the process at every stage, we always supply high quality products, and every day we help our clients with the very best solutions.

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"We hope the above has inspired you to work out for yourself what Barrett can do for you, and we look forward to hearing from you. 
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P2 Tower
ul. Chmielewskiego 22A,
70-028 Szczecin, Poland

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